YES On 5 Wins Big In Boston...and in 10 other communities across the state

Boston voters overwhelmingly passed the Community Preservation Act (Question 5) by a 74%-26% margin on November 8th, by a 74%-26% margin on November 8th, sweeping every neighborhood and winning 252 of 255 precincts. A huge thank you to MAHA members who made over 8,000 phone calls, knocked on doors, passed out fliers, and brought their friends and family to the polls!

Boston will now have approximately $20 million in new money to invest in housing Boston residents can afford, better parks, playgrounds, and athletic fields, and renovation of historic buildings to meet today's needs. The money is earmarked for those three uses, and will be allocated in an open and transparent community process.

MAHA also thanks our allies in the Yes for a Better Boston coalition. It was a pleasure to work with such a broad and diverse coalition of community organizations, labor unions, faith leaders, businesses, and elected officials from across the city.

Also on election night, ten other communities passed the Community Preservation Act including Chelsea, Watertown, Holyoke, Springfield and Pittsfield.

Stay tuned for next steps as this law is implemented. MAHA intends to be involved.

YES on 5 Boston. Last Question, Back of the Ballot.

Canvassing complete. Ten of thousands of calls have been made. YES on 5 literature has been mailed to voters. Early vote is over. Now, it is up to YOU!

MAHA members are strongly endorsing voters to say YES on 5 to pass the Community Preservation Act in Boston (and in Chelsea and the other 14 communities that have it on the ballot this year). If you have already voted, we are sure that you know someone who hasn't. You can make a difference and help them get to the polls on Tuesday and vote YES on 5.

Passage of Question 5 will mean more resources for homes Boston residents can afford, improved parks and playing fields, and jobs and will cost the average homeowner in the city just $24 per year. You can vote this Tuesday from 7AM-8PM at your usual polling location.


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