YES on 5 Boston. Last Question, Back of the Ballot.

Canvassing complete. Ten of thousands of calls have been made. YES on 5 literature has been mailed to voters. Early vote is over. Now, it is up to YOU!

MAHA members are strongly endorsing voters to say YES on 5 to pass the Community Preservation Act in Boston (and in Chelsea and the other 14 communities that have it on the ballot this year). If you have already voted, we are sure that you know someone who hasn't. You can make a difference and help them get to the polls on Tuesday and vote YES on 5.

Passage of Question 5 will mean more resources for homes Boston residents can afford, improved parks and playing fields, and jobs and will cost the average homeowner in the city just $24 per year. You can vote this Tuesday from 7AM-8PM at your usual polling location.

MAHA Campaigns for a YES Vote On Question 5 for a Better Boston

MAHA members are taking action to bring relief from the high rents and home prices that are forcing too many of our neighbors and friends to leave the city. If approved by Boston voters, Question 5 would make it possible for more people to stay. It would provide millions of dollars each year that could be used to build affordable rental housing for low-income families and seniors and affordable starter homes for first time homebuyers. The question asks voters if Boston should join 161 other Massachusetts cities and towns that have already adopted the Community Preservation Act. I can help spread the word.


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