Current Campaigns

Mortgages that save hundreds of dollars a month

MAHA organizing campaigns have helped over 18,500 homebuyers save hundreds per month, compared to what they would have paid with other first time homebuyer programs or conventional loans. Participating lenders make commitments to the ONE Mortgage program.

These agreements state the number of homebuyers each lender will serve during a given year, and the number of years the commitment will cover. When an agreement with a lender gets close to running out, MAHA organizes community residents to work together to make sure a new agreement is reached. We are also reaching out to additional lenders, encouraging them to offer ONE, the most affordable and accessible option.This increases the overall number of homebuyers we can serve, and it also means more choices for consumers.

Want to keep the most affordable mortgages coming?

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Confronting the Racial Homeownership Gap

MAHA is working to close the racial homeownership gap in Massachusetts, which is among the worst in the nation. With 69% of white households owning their own homes, and only 32% of our households of color, we rank 49th out of the 50 states.

We think that has to change. And we’re doing something about it.

Affordable mortgage lending that is accessible to credit worthy homebuyers of all races and ethnicities has an important role to play in increasing opportunity and stabilizing neighborhoods. We are working to stop discrimination in lending. And we are campaigning to change rules and guidelines that unfairly deny people of color the opportunity to own a home, build equity, and invest in their futures and their children.

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Addressing the Homeownership Affordability Crisis

Anyone looking for a home knows that prices are sky high. Sellers are asking for the moon, and sometimes bidding wars are driving final sales prices above the asking prices. In fact, Massachusetts ranks 47th out of the 50 states in homeownership affordability. Only in New York, California, and the District of Columbia is it harder for residents to purchase a home. This mismatch between home prices and wages and salaries is particularly acute in Greater Boston.

Tired of looking? Can't find a decent home in your price range? Click here to join others who are working to increase homeownership opportunities.

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Civic Engagement

Our elected representatives know that MAHA registers new voters, educates people on where candidates stand on key housing issues, and turns out these educated voters on election day. Through face-to-face meetings, phone banks, postcards, letter writing campaigns, and large-scale community actions we connect our class graduates, homeowners, and interested activists to elected officials and industry executives who make decisions about housing resources and policies. In each year since 2003, MAHA's graduates have voted at a rate approximately 20 percentage points higher than city and state averages.

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Community Preservation Act

The Community Preservation Act (CPA), passed by the Massachusetts legislature in September 2000, allows communities across Massachusetts to raise money for:

• affordable housing
• open space and outdoor recreation
• historic preservation

Cities and towns put a CPA question on the ballot and residents vote on whether to assess up to a 3% surcharge on property taxes. The state provides matching funds to every city and town that chooses to participate. While most communities have allocated at least some funds for affordable housing, much more could be accomplished. MAHA is helping communities access the expertise they need, and build the community support necessary to construct or rehabilitate high quality affordable housing.

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