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Anonymous - Posted on 13 August 2011

Please fill in your contact information below to add your voice to this campaign. The email below will be automatically sent to Citibank President Eugene McQuade and other decision makers at Citibank.

To Citibank Officials Gene McQuade, Susanne Cameron, Teresa Hasson, Suzanne Raphael and Maria Zywiciel.

It is long past time for Citibank to offer Massachusetts residents the same affordable products and services that other banks offer. It appears that the bank only wants to serve higher income people and neighborhoods, based on the "follow our Smith Barney customers" strategy announced when Citi moved into Massachusetts. But the law says you need to serve everyone who is credit worthy. I hope you will join the state’s most affordable mortgage program IMMEDIATELY. It has a long track record of success, and there is no reason you can’t participate.

Citibank Needs to Join the SoftSecond. Sign the Petition Here.


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