MAHA's home neighborhood of Dorchester recognized as one of the nation's most diverse

mahaadmin - Posted on 15 November 2012

When MAHA decide to build our homeownership center, one neighborhood made the most sense - Dorchester. Now, four years later, Dorchester is being recognized for its diversity by a national publication.

The Atlantic Cities website asks, "What do these neighborhoods have in common? Although many, like Queens Village and Dorchester, are within the city limits, they are not the densest, most central, or best-known neighborhoods. None of the top-10 most diverse neighborhoods in the country is a familiar name to out-of-towners. Also, some of the most diverse neighborhoods in America are located in metro areas that aren’t especially diverse overall, like Seattle (67 percent white) and Boston (69 percent white)."

MAHA is proud to call Dorchester home.


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