MAHA educates and mobilizes across Massachusetts to break down barriers to affordable and sustainable homeownership.

    MAHA Member On Verge of Election to House of Representatives

    In 2003 when MAHA began its civic engagement initiative, the expectation was that it would result in more class graduates becoming frequent voters. And it has, in impressive fashion. Each year, MAHA members vote at a rate that is 20-25 percentage points higher than the citywide average.

    Later this month, one of those class graduates will go to the polls and vote for himself. Evandro Carvalho, MAHA homebuyer graduate and member, will undoubtedly win election on April 29th to the state House of Representatives from the Fifth Suffolk District which includes parts of Dorchester and Roxbury. Carvalho won the Democratic primary on April 1st with nearly 50% of the vote in a five person race. He is unopposed on the ballot for the general election.

    Born in Cape Verde, Carvalho emigrated to Dorchester at the age of 15. His mother worked three jobs to support the family and he worked after school as a janitor and painter. Carvalho graduated at the top of his class at Madison Park High, got a college scholarship, and went to earn degrees from UMass Amherst and Howard University School of Law. In addition to his volunteer time at MAHA, Carvalho serves on the board of Teen Empowerment. He and his fiancé, Ashley, own a home in Fields Corner that was purchased after graduating from a MAHA class.

    Number of CRA ratings plummet; Percentage of "outstanding" rankings highest in six years

    New MAHA Report on 2013 CRA Ratings is Released

    March 10, 2014 - Nearly one-quarter of Massachusetts banks (15 of 65) received an "Outstanding" rating on their Community Reinvestment Act evaluations from federal and state regulators, according to a report issued today by the Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance (MAHA). The number of performance examinations dropped dramatically from 2012 when 100 banks received a CRA rating.

    The report was prepared for MAHA by Jim Campen, Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of Massachusetts at Boston and a long-time member of MAHA's Board of Directors.

    MAHA's twenty-third annual report lists the CRA ratings assessed to all Massachusetts banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies and evaluates the performance of the three federal regulators and the Massachusetts Division of Banks in reviewing bank performance in meeting community needs.


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