MAHA educates and mobilizes across Massachusetts to break down barriers to affordable and sustainable homeownership.

    Take A MAHA Class - Anytime, Anywhere

    July is usually a quiet month. People celebrate the 4th, go on vacation, spend time at the beach. And given recent temperatures, we could all use a cool spot.

    What makes this month remarkable at MAHA is that so many have found that cool spot in a MAHA class! Our July 2nd class in Dorchester has 51 students. Our suburban class in Woburn that started last week has 32 students. And as of July, MAHA is now offering our first-ever online class - six hours online with a two hour in-person session.

    We are partnering with Framework which was developed by the Housing Partnership Network and the Minnesota Homeownership Center to bring high-quality online homebuyer education to Massachusetts.

    Since 1991, MAHA has been a leader in providing comprehensive homeownership education to over 21,000 people. Our first class was in Dorchester in 1991, our first suburban class was in 2004, and starting this month, we offer yet another way to reach even more buyers. Rest assured, we will still offer our convenient in-person classes throughout greater Boston but now we can also offer the flexibility of an online course as well.

    Replacing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Debate Heating Up This Summer

    John Sununu is right. In a recent Boston Globe column, he supported a "bipartisan, substantive and bold" solution to the current stalemate in Washington about the future of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. On this issue, more than most, such an outcome is possible.

    The proposal floated recently by Senators Mark Warner (D-VA) and Bob Corker (R-TN) starts the conversation but it is lacking in some important aspects that Sununu fails to mention in his piece. Corker-Warner offers an explicit federal government guarantee for mortgage lending without a parallel affirmative obligation to serve all communities equitably and responsibly. We have seen over the years, absent such an affirmative obligation, that one of two problems arise. Wall Street financiers either ignore low- and moderate-income communities or they prey on those same neighborhoods, extracting profits and leaving a wake of devastation behind.


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