MAHA educates and mobilizes across Massachusetts to break down barriers to affordable and sustainable homeownership.

    Vote TODAY - Tuesday, November 5th. Polls Open Until 8:00 PM

    By this time tomorrow, Boston will have its first new mayor in 20 years. Who do you want it to be - John Connolly or Marty Walsh? Cast your vote before 8:00 PM tonight!

    There are also 8 people running for 4 City Councilor At-Large seats. You can vote for up to 4 of them. District councilors who represent each section of the city will also be on the ballot.

    Remember: No one knows who you vote for, but everyone knows who votes. Politicians keep track of which individuals vote consistently, and which neighborhoods have the highest turn out. So don't give up the power and influence you gain by voting! Then work together through MAHA and other organizations to hold the winning candidates accountable for delivering on their campaign promises.

    Need to check your registration status? Don't know where to vote? Need to know who's running for each seat? Call MAHA at 617-822-9100.

    Safety Insurance Joins MAHA HomeSafe Education and Discount Program

    October 28, 2013 –Safety Insurance will provide Massachusetts homeowners with a 5% discount for completion of the HomeSafe class offered by the Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance (MAHA) and ten other non-profit organizations across the state, effective December 1, 2013.

    HomeSafe is a non-profit homeowner resource center and includes free workshops to help make your home or condo safe from unnecessary repairs, crime, fire, landlord/tenant disputes, household hazards, and foreclosure. In addition, graduates learn about discounts, grants, low interest loans and other resources available to homeowners.

    “We are very pleased to welcome Safety Insurance to the HomeSafe program,” said MAHA President LaTanya Ramsey. “Our graduates value insurance companies that reward consumers who seek out information that will help them become safe and stable homeowners over the long haul.”


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