MAHA educates and mobilizes across Massachusetts to break down barriers to affordable and sustainable homeownership.

    Thanks To MAHA Volunteers Who Called Thousands Of Our Graduates To Encourage Them To Vote Last Week

    For 3 weeks before the election, MAHA’s office hummed with activity each evening as callers worked the phones, talking to registered voters in four languages. We spoke with MAHA graduates about the issues they care about, and the role of the city council in shaping life here in Boston. We collected over 1300 pledges to vote, and left voicemail reminders for thousands more.

    We congratulate all of the winners in last week’s election, including newcomers Andrea Campbell and Annissa Essaibi George. We appreciate the city councilors who took a stand in favor of putting the Community Preservation Act on the ballot next year. We look forward to working with the entire city council to promote affordable, sustainable homeownership in Boston.

    4 Reasons To Vote For Boston City Council Tues Nov. 3rd Plus Information About The Candidates

    1. The City Council makes decisions that affect you.
    2. Your voting record is public information.
    3. Voting holds city councilors accountable.
    4. Voting helps your whole neighborhood.

    Who Is Running and Where Do They Stand On The Issues?
    At-Large Councilors
    There are 5 candidates running for 4 city-wide positions. You can vote for up to four of them. (The fewer you vote for, the more weight your vote has.)
    District Councilors
    You are also represented by a District Councilor.
    Who Should You Vote For?
    MAHA does not endorse candidates. We do ask where they stand on important housing issues. Right now, MAHA is working to put the Community Preservation Act on the ballot in Boston next year. 158 communities have already adopted CPA. If passed in Boston, it would be the biggest source of funding for affordable housing. Read candidates’ answers to our questions. The Voter Table also asked questions about just cause eviction, minimum wage, and youth jobs. Find your district and where you vote.


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