Real Estate Network

What is the Network? MAHA has invited a select number of real estate agents to assist graduates of our homeownership education classes as you seek to buy a home based on their experience, knowledge of the challenges facing first-time buyers, and service to the community.

How does it work? Class participants may choose to work with one of our Network members featured below or another real estate agent outside of the Network. If you choose a Network member and buy a home through that agent, s/he will share 30% of his/her commission with MAHA. Proceeds will help support MAHA's mission of educating and mobilizing to break down barriers to affordable and sustainable homeownership.

Introducing MAHA's Real Estate Network

Alexander Jean-Baptiste, In the spring of 2019, MAHA launched MAHA Homes with real estate agent Alexander Jean-Baptiste. Alex is a licensed real estate agent from Hyde Park who is working with MAHA graduates to help them buy homes. MAHA Homes will offer full-service real estate services and the proceeds will enable MAHA to continue to provide high-quality education and advising services to first-time and first-generation homebuyers throughout greater Boston. Contact Alex at 781-366-0234 or

Camber Real Estate Tony Camarra, President of Camber Real Estate, located in Canton and Norwood, has been a Realtor since 1986. He has been a regular presenter in first-time homebuyers seminars, as well as marketing and selling affordable housing in the South Shore area. Suzette Clinton has been a real estate agent since 2005 and has been a regular presenter at MAHA's classes. She is also a graduate of MAHA's first-time homebuyers program. email Tony, email Suzette

Carla Pantaleon-Stovell, Exit Bayside Reality, has 13 years of property management experience. Carla is a licensed real estate salesperson since 2006 specialized in service. email Carla

Melvin Vieira, Jr., RE/MAX Destiny has held a real estate license in Massachusetts and California since 1989 and has been an active presenter in MAHA's first time homebuyer classes since 2005. He is active with non-profits such as Youth Enrichment Services, Codman Square NDC, Nuestra Comunidad, and Urban Edge. Melvin is also involved with the City of Boston's HomeCenter as an active real estate participant. email